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The End. The Beginning

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 5:25 PM


A short update on things. 
I went to the doctor, he said I had bronchitis and gave me medicine and ordered rest. 
Four days have passed and the coughing is still my major daily activity. My one degree fever will not go down even with painkillers. 
Yesterday I had some energy and was in a good mood, but restless. Today I have been half asleep all day, having fever shivers and a huge headache. If this will not get better next week a new visit to the doctor and more testings will be next on the schedule. Right now the bed is next thing for me (I can sleep in my bed again yay). 

Ohh and my brother in law is committed to hospital and had an emergency operation. Yeah, a rough start of 2015 :XD: 

/end of updates


Hello my dear friends and followers. I hope that the holidays have been kind to you all. And I really hope you had a better holiday that I had. I swear my family hit all the red lights in life for Christmas. First off I was really ill the week before Christmas. So bad that the weekend before I was sleeping 20 hours a day. And was dead the other four. And I couldn't sleep in my bed, since I couldn't lay down at all or else I would suffocate and die. Then we visited my sister and her family. My sister had pneumonia. My 2 years old niece had just the days before Christmas put her hand on the hot stove and was ruched to hospital with quite severe burn on both hands. And he had really bad nightmares as well, crying in panic at the nights. Not much sleep. And after the Christmas, both my parents caught the stomach flue. yeah, I had fun that week. Lets say New Year was a quiet home night. I really wanted and wished I could be in Stockholm with friends, but didn't get the chance to do it this year. It sucked. I need to ravel and meet some friends soon or I will explode. I'm so restless and want to meet doll people. But at the moment, I have survived the holidays. I still cough a lot, but other than that it's fine. I even survived the New Year. I really hate the holidays. It's just a painful reminder of family and life. Two things I'm not overly found of at the moment. I have some days right before where I had some serious depression and anxiety attacks ending in a lot of tears. But as soon 2015 was here I have been quit upwards actually. It's a really nice feeling. 

Card Giveaway

Since I got ill and such the posting of card was delayed until just before New Years Eve. And the postal personal messed up my stamps.  I had 30 letters. 20 was going international. And they messed it up be course they wanted to save some time. In the end they had two people chasing stamps and sticking them to my letters. I just wanted to scream. But the was sent! And I have received notes that they have started to arrive as well. That really makes me  happy.

And I have received such kind words already I just want to hide somewhere Shy  
Please let me know when you get your card! i would hate for them to get lost in transit =/ 

BJD News

Oh help me Gods!! I don't know what happened! O O 
I had plans this year.  Shinsengumi plans. I was getting 3 floating heads and a whole doll. I wanted it either way. But I had low hope in receiving those plans... But still, made them. And what have happened? I found out one of my doll friends sold her lovely head. So I bought it on an impulse. That is how I ended up with Reizies Migidoll Mu. All things good. When I got back from my sisters, I went online and grabbed one of IOS head sale. SO I ended up ordering an IOS Blue head. Now just wait a couple of month. Two characters down. And so, searching second hand market I stumble on another doll friend that are selling her head. I cried a bit since I have just bought two heads, but since she is an angel she will hold the head for me OwO So now I will get the three floating heads I planned for. Both the migidoll and this secret one is really kind impulse, and not my first mold from the companies. But I think they will be just perfect anyway. I'm really happy, but still a bit chock till how this even happened. I thought I would have to chase these heads throughout the year. I know I have a lot of work to do with them, with eyes and wigs and making clothes and everything. But still... How did this happen? I guess I won't really believe it until I have them all at home...
But AHHHH HEADS!! Happy Happy..Onion 


Kiriban set at 90.00 PV
Price: you get mentioned and featured and I even send you a gift
(a real gift, in envelopes and stamps and all) onion yep 

Other things

I think one of the reason I have had so much fun these past days is twitter. I'm having so much fun over there with some crazy people! So much fandom I might get a heart attack from it all. Right now its A LOT of Eruri and SouMako.

And not enough innocent and cute things either Mr Bean Pervy Meme Medium  This new type of shipping I'm not used to it! I have a hard time handling it! But I'm diving in to it with my whole rushing heart :XD: 

And in some way, I'm in this fuzzy OMG-I-FUCKING-LOVE-EVERYTHING period as well. So I praise people and want t push all my love and nice words on everything that I really like. If I do this to you, just hit me with  rolled up paper and shout at me. It might help ^^; But I don't bite, I just want to give some :heart: 

I think this was it for now. Take care, and I'm looking forward to take on 2015 with you all.
Lets create and share art together!
 onion dance 


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How is your beginning of the new year so far? 

77 deviants said Good and bad. Just, same old same old.
34 deviants said Awesome!! This will be a great year! :D
16 deviants said Worst start EVERY. I already hate this whole year -__-


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